Who We Are

The 270+ professionals in Page Up come from super global Fortune 500 companies, trophy-toting PR agencies, mind-bending academic institutions and impact-accelerating nonprofit organizations. And we want you. But, you know, only when you’re ready to step up.

What does that entail? Well, all of us work for companies in Page, the premiere network for the communications industry. And in order to be nominated for Page Up, by our Page member, each one of us demonstrated material contributions to field and an upward professional trajectory. We don’t love the word exclusive, but let’s be real with one another, it’s not so easy to get in. But that’s a good thing — join our community, and you enter a powerful network of thinkers, doers and innovators.

We’ve been around since 2013 — adding new members, introducing compelling programs, creating exclusive content and hosting mind-expanding, in-person experiences every year. We’re growing like a chia pet on steroids and we’d love to bring your energy and ideas to our community of communications professionals who have the courage to lead.

Our Mission

We will advance the mission of the Arthur W. Page Society by engaging and developing the next generation of senior communication leaders. Through Page Up, we will increase our readiness to lead our organizations through ongoing learning and networking, and we will drive industry thought leadership.