Thought Leadership


Framing Corporate Purpose

Matthew Gobush, global planning and advocacy manager at ExxonMobil, joined us to discuss how he led his organization's internal efforts to frame its corporate purpose and following the release of BusinessRoundtable statement. 


HPL Blueprint: Adapt and Transform

In an evolving reality we are at an inflection point. This blueprint for how business can move forward by Hot Paper Lantern identifies four core areas of transformation.


How global organizations are bringing their perspective to U.S. centric conversations

Sarah Campbell Donia, global head of business, innovation and strategy communications at Royal Philips, joined us to discuss how global organizations are navigating today's sociopolitical climate and bringing their perspective to these often U.S. centric conversations.


Rethinking opportunities for the new normal: the value of a COVID-19 lens

For many brands and employers, the complexity of the pandemic and adrenaline rush of crisis mode has ebbed, but it has shifted the lens through which our customers and employees view work, life, employers and relationships.


Hormel Foods: Best Practices for Charitable Giving During COVID-19

Kelly Braaten, manager of corporate communications and corporate responsibility at Hormel Foods hosted a Think Thursday conversation to share best practices for charitable giving during COVID-19 with fellow Page Up members.


Issue Brief on Coronavirus

As communications leaders on the front lines of your organization’s coronavirus response, you need relevant and timely information, including best practices from other companies. Page Up is committed to providing this sharing platform and distilling takeaways into a useful format. This is the first in a new series of Issue Briefs designed to help you stay on top of emerging issues and what other members are doing to address them.