Aflac – The Duck that Sells a Promise

Catherine Blades, CCO at Aflac, joins Stacey Tank of Home Depot to tell the story of how the company’s work in fighting pediatric cancer came about, and the #DuckPrints social campaign that continues to support it.


The CCO as Builder of Digital Engagement Systems

The ability for anyone to like, share and comment on virtually anything, to virtually everyone, is redefining how enterprises pursue stakeholder engagement.


Tammy Tibbetts on How Millennials are Changing Perceptions

At the 31st Annual Spring Seminar, Tammy Tibbetts, CEO, She's The First spoke at length about millennials and social purpose. In this video she speaks about the need to focus on and promote positive stories as well as the need for millennials to create a strong personal brand that narrates a positive success story.


The New CCO: Transforming Enterprises in a Changing World

In The New CCO, the Page Society proposes a contemporary framework of the CCO role based on three core dimensions.


Building Belief: A New Model for Activating Corporate Character and Authentic Advocacy

In 2007 the Page Society published The Authentic Enterprise, which identified radical transformations occurring in the business environment – the digital networking revolution, growing demands for corporate transparency, and rapid globalization – and the ways these were altering how organizations address their communications strategies.