The Role of the Global CEO

Photo Credit: Morning Consult

Page Up member Dr. Kyle Dropp, co-founder and president of global data intelligence company Morning Consult, joined us to explore how expectations of leaders and global politics will change in 2021. By surveying tens of thousands around the world every day, Morning Consult is unmatched in scale and speed in determining the true measure of what people think and how their decisions impact business, politics and the economy. The company’s latest data intelligence, as shared by Dr. Dropp, reveals the latest insights on CEO and consumer perception following a year like no other. 


Key Findings

  1. The spotlight shining on CEOs has never been brighter: 71% of Americans agree CEOs are responsible for not just being leaders in their organizations, but also in American society.
  2. The most important attribute driving a CEO’s performance and reputation is a CEO’s positive contribution to society.
  3. European leaders believe CEOs should prioritize employees, whereas American leaders say CEOs should prioritize both employees and customers.  
  4. Retail investors are less likely to say CEOs should prioritize the interests of shareholders today. 
  5. Favorability and recognition for CEOs has increased by double digits in the past year, but higher CEO favorability still strongly corresponds with higher brand favorability.
  6. Adults overwhelmingly say CEOs should take care of employees and foster positive employee experience. 
  7. Investors have positive views of CEOs who speak on behalf of employees and their communities. 


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