Page Conversation on COVID-19 Vaccine Policy & Its Implications

Now that the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine is here, organizations have to develop policies that address return-to-work, employee safety and future-focused mechanisms for maintaining a strong corporate culture. Last week, Page Board Member Lynn Casey led a Page Conversation with Jeff Sturchio of Rabin Martin and Eileen Sheil of Medtronic to explore how CCOs can step up to lead their organizations toward a vaccine policy approach that fits their people, their purpose and their culture. Here are some of the key takeaways. 

  • Vaccine hesitancy has been a growing issue and often comes from people feeling left out of the conversation. Leaders should encourage employees to express concerns, ensure a transparent exchange of information and provide information to counter misinformation. Also consider alternative practices for those unwilling to receive vaccination, like wearing a mask in common workspaces.
  • Use trusted messengers whenever possible – especially those who have recognized expertise.
  • Communication and consultation is key. Employers need to explicitly communicate safety plans and protocols, provide employees with guidance and resources from trusted public health experts and engage with key leaders in order to set informed policies. In many cases this means having flexible policies and practices based on regional circumstances and regulations.
  • The future of work will vary across every industry and location. Find ways to adopt the same level of flexibility into the post-COVID-19 work environment across your entire enterprise and use it as a comparative advantage.

If you prefer to listen to a recording of the call please contact Natalie Martinez at