Meaningfully Measuring What Matters

Clare Conley, senior director of Corporate Communications at Qualcomm, led a Think Thursday discussion figuring out how to get the most out of and measure a high touch program that seeks to raise awareness, shift perception and sometimes not drive coverage. Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:  

  • Seems simple, but ensure that you are crystal clear on your objective – for a high touch program you must be dialed in on the objective and audience for it to work.
  • Understand why you are measuring. Could be for insights, securing budget, but it should never be, “just because.”
  • Take a data driven approach on who your target audience is, it will be broader than it was five years ago and you might be surprised.  It will include media, industry analysts, academia, influencers, etc…
  • High touch programs likely need high touch measurement tools – audits, surveys, impact scores, reputation research
  • Amplification – Use company and executive social media platforms,  license marquee content that is behind a firewall, leverage paid amplification