Leading Communications Efforts for the 2020 Election


Page Up member Chris Breslin, vice president of communications at Voya Financial, joined us to discuss how organizations are communicating (or not) with employees, the media and other stakeholders about the 2020 election. As companies begin thinking about what this election outcome will mean for their businesses both internally and externally, leaders are questioning what actions should be taken. Communication leaders have been critical in this decision-making process.

With increasing polarization across the nation, communicating to stakeholders can pose as a challenge. Many organizations are grappling with whether or not to make a public statement regarding the election outcome. Most companies that decided to do so, focused on their business and customers, not a specific candidate or outcome. For those struggling to determine what to say, leaders suggest looking back at what communications your organization released following the 2016 election and recanvasing those to reflect your purpose now. 

Communicating with employees is another challenge faced by some organizations. Employees are going to have different opinions and want different resources from their employer regarding the election. The most valuable thing you can do is lead with empathy and meet each employee’s specific needs in order to create a safe work environment.