L3 Harris’ COVID-19 Relief Efforts through a PR Lens

Sara Banda, director of communications at L3Harris Technologies, joined us for a discussion about the organization’s role in COVID-19 relief efforts as a company in the defense industry. Sara focused on employees, community engagement and supply chain support while exploring how public relations played a role in those areas.

Employee safety was L3 Harris’ top priority during the pandemic. As an essential service, the organization had to ensure safe working conditions for its 50 percent of staff still working onsite. In order to support their employees, L3 Harris offered various assistance from grants to programs dedicated to help with childcare. Sara emphasized the importance of the leadership team setting clear guidelines and expectations within the organization to ensure everyone was informed and on the same page.

At the beginning of the pandemic, L3 Harris committed to donating $2 million to COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts, with a focus on areas where the organization had a large presence. In addition, L3 Harris donated thousands of protective equipment to frontline workers and created STEM-oriented online educational videos for out-of-school students.

Suppliers play a critical role in sustaining regional economies and ensuring the nation’s security, which is why L3 Harris advanced more than $350 million in payments to its small business suppliers in 47 states.