Demise of Third-Party Cookies

Vikram Sharma, President of Crisp and Raj Choudhury, Chief Delivery and Innovation Officer of Ansira, joined us to explore the implications of the demise of third-party cookies.


  • Between April 2021 and an undefined point in 2022, the “3rd party cookie” will no longer be viable as companies like Apple, Firefox and Google ends its use
  • The areas impacted will be Display Advertising & Remarketing, Personalization and Ad Reporting. 
  • 1st party cookie – your data
  • 3rd party cookie – someone else’s dats
  • Browser – tool for accessing the internet
  • View-Through – activity of a person after they see an ad

 Industry Impacts

  • No one has figured out a replacement for the cookie 
  • Remarketing is finished. Get it while it’s still here
  • Targeting for Display goes from audience based to contextual
  • View-through reporting will be severely limited, focus will change to click-based and upstream metrics. Re-think attribution
  • CPMs will go up as targeting inventory becomes more of  premium
  • Logins and Identity graphs solutions are very limited in their effectiveness
  • Tracking of customer online behavior from site to site will be done

Channels that Become More Valuable

  • Capitalize on OTT/CTV Revolution
  • Print
  • Search and social
  • Partnerships become critical
  • Contextual ads

Preparing for 2022

  • Implement 1st party data strategies
  • Evolve measurement
  • Consider shift to clean data rooms
  • Expand direct advertiser agency relationships