2020 Page Up Innovation Award Winners

The Page Up Innovation Award recognizes Page Up members who develop and implement groundbreaking approaches that are used by their organizations to chart new pathways in the profession. The past year has been extraordinary, to say the least, requiring communications professionals to rethink even the most tried and true, time-tested approaches. This year the Award was set to recognize groundbreaking, forward-thinking ideas, and approaches in response to challenges around COVID-19 and/or social issues.

Gina Judge of PepsiCo and Gabrielle Poshadlo of Bedrock were recognized with this year’s Page Up Innovation Award for pushing boundaries and driving progress in their organizations and our profession.

Thanks to Gina’s work, PepsiCo acted as a catalyst that not only invested in communities, but also leveraged its communications and marketing power, and encouraged all of its stakeholders to give, ultimately multiplying the impact. Learn more about her award-winning work here.

Gabrielle’s work demonstrates a long term strategy that was born in a pandemic that delivered positive reputational results, and made a real difference for Detroit small businesses and the patrons they serve. Read more about it here.