Social media companies face lingering questions about the privacy and security of their platforms in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the 2016 presidential election. Wh

at is the current standard for privacy? Who has access to

the user data of billions across the globe? Which news outlets are deemed trustworthy and why? What is the role of social media companies in society?

These are some of the questions LinkedIn CCO Melissa Selcher has navigated over the past year. We invited her to join us on The New CCO podcast to discuss her role at LinkedIn and how she and her team have shaped the dialogue around the common issues shared by social media companies. Other topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The importance of LinkedIn’s human editors behind editorial content seen on the platform
  • The reputation cost at the core of every issue enterprises face
  • The authenticity necessary for LinkedIn’s participation on a social issue

Here’s Selcher discussing the importance of the CCO as an integrator across today’s C-suite:

“Because we’re in such a polarized and emotionally charged environment, decisions just carry a weight they didn’t before. The ability to pull your general counsel in quickly to gut check something or to talk to your HR leader to make sure that some comment you’re making about diversity is aligned – you’ve got to have those relationships and that speed dial, that common set of values so that you can come to those decisions quickly. The CCO more than any other is in the office of all of those leaders. You’re working across the leaders on such a regular basis and it’s more important than ever to pull those right people in, pull them in quickly, make those calls, and recognize that those calls do have more weight than they ever had before.”

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