Member Spotlight

We’re excited to launch a new Page Up member spotlight series. Shared in each issue of Page Up Picks, this series will help us get to know each other better and help you develop game-changing connections within the network.

President, Crisp

 Is always willing to talk about the best ways to prevent or mitigate high-impact threats to your brand.
• Recently read, “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse,” by Charlie Mackesy.
• Thinks fellow members would be surprised to learn that he once wanted to be a sportscaster.
 Says that his biggest COVID-19 silver lining is that it shone a light on ways we can be better.
• Says his biggest lesson learned in the last year is that, “Humans are resilient and amazing! It has not been easy, and we are not done yet, but we have responded with creativity and heart and will emerge stronger.”

Leigh Strope

Director of Corporate Communications at Grail, Inc.
 Works at a healthcare company where their mission is to detect cancer early, when it can be cured.
• Lives in Dallas, Texas.
• Is a former journalist who covered the George W. Bush administration for The Associated Press.
• Thinks fellow members would be surprised to learn that she flew on Air Force One as a reporter and is a former Teamster.
• Says her proudest career moment was working on a crisis team that helped the Texas hospital system during the first-ever U.S. Ebola outbreak.

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Vice President of Communications at AARP
 Has worked in communications for more than 30 years, first as a daily journalist and then at AARP
• Is happy to talk shop on targeting niche audiences and shifting brand perceptions
• Loves “Breaking Bad” and “Narcos,” and is currently reading a biography of Frederick Douglass
• Says his biggest COVID lesson was how quickly a crisis can focus a large organization. “Now, how to replicate that focus without a crisis?”
• Believes one silver lining to COVID has been people’s generosity and compassion. “Now, how to replicate that without a crisis?”

Maria Pia Tamburri

Director, Diversity and Inclusion and Employee Engagement at Dominion Energy
• Is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in Miami Beach, FL. She lives in Richmond, Virginia.
• Has expertise in building strategic global communications teamsdiversity and inclusion strategiesdiverse outreach strategies and Hispanic outreach strategies.
• Believes one silver lining to COVID is the increased time that she’s spent with her family in the past year.
 Says her biggest lesson learned from COVID is to live life, be positive, don’t sweat the small stuff, recognize, and appreciate what you have and love your family and friends.
• Hopes that we learn from the past to build a better future in which people respect each other and are more accepting of others.

Eli Lilly and Co
 Has been working for over 20 years in healthcare/pharmaceutical communications
 Dabbles expertly in developing comms strategies and building teams for international organizations
 Believes that in the near future we will witness greater patience and empathy for each other
 Moonlights as a retro ’70/’80s DJ to raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation