Southern Belt Happy Hour

So much is being written and said about the pros and cons of working from home in the COVID-19-induced virtual environment. And yet plenty of room remains for creative ideas and practices aimed at retaining, if not deepening, the engagement and productivity of our teams. A recent Page Hot Topics call looked at whether working from home is really working. We’d like to build on that important conversation with an open Happy Hour discussion led by Jeff Leshay of Leshay Communications about how you and fellow Page and Page Up members are tackling the challenges of the virtual world. Have you found meaningful and fun ways of motivating and developing your teams, and will these best or creative practices live beyond this COVID-19 era? And by the way, how are you keeping yourselves engaged and inspired? So, pour yourself your favorite drink (maybe make it a double) and join our upcoming Page Virtual Happy Hour on August 12, for a lively, open-ended discussion of what's working well from home.

WHEN August 12, 2020

TIME 6:00pm-7:00pm