Page Patrons Program Webinar: Unlock Your Competitive Advantage Through CommTech

The roadmap to CommTech solutions begins with a fundamental understanding of what you want to achieve and how to build strategic partnerships to further enhance your mission.

Join Carrie Kurlander, vice president of communications and public affairs for Chick-fil-A, and Page Up member Dr. Kyle Dropp, cofounder and president of Morning Consult, to discover how CCOs can benefit from CommTech solutions like Morning Consult’s Brand Intelligence.

For nearly three years, Chick-fil-A has partnered with data intelligence company Morning Consult for live brand reputation monitoring and custom market research. Chick-fil-A leverages Morning Consult Brand Intelligence to track daily consumer attitudes on its brand and core competitive set. This CommTech solution features real-time data that is instrumental in Chick-fil-A’s measurement and decision making, including initial expansion planning, message testing and customer expectations.

You're welcome to invite your team members to this event.
This webinar is made possible by support from Morning Consult, which is a global data intelligence company delivering insights on what people think in real time. By surveying tens of thousands across the globe every day, Morning Consult is unmatched in scale and speed: It determines the true measure of what people think and how their decisions impact business, politics and the economy. Morning Consult Brand Intelligence (MCBI) is the company's flagship platform that tracks daily consumer attitudes for more than 4,000 brands in 15 countries.

A Page Patron is a leading solution provider that, in exchange for sponsorship of Page, works with us to educate members about how tools and services like theirs help enable world-class communications capabilities. These webinars are open to Page and Page Up members and their teams. If you have any questions or suggestions for future Page Patrons, please contact Kelly Greene.

WHEN February 25, 2021

TIME 1:00pm-2:00pm