Page Patrons Program Webinar | CEO Wishlist: What CEOs are Looking for in New CCO Hires

What are CEOs seeking in their head of communications?  How have these expectations changed over the past few years?  And what does this mean for those wishing to occupy the CCO seat in 2021 and beyond? Answer all of the questions you have about CEO expectations with this Page Patrons Program Webinar hosted by Eric Koefoot, president & CEO of PublicRelay. He’ll be joined by an expert panel, featuring:
  • Jessamyn Katz, President at Heyman Associates;
  • Kristine Boyden, CCO at Cruise; and
  • Jason Schechter, CCO at Bloomberg LP.
Join us on Tuesday, March 23, at 12 p.m. ET to navigate the future of the C-Suite together.
This webinar is made possible by support from PublicRelay, which partners with CCOs to put communications at the center of their company. Using a unique combination of machine learning and human analysts to ensure accurate and timely data, PublicRelay creates powerful metrics that guide decisions and prove impact. A Page Patron is a leading solution provider that, in exchange for sponsorship of Page, works with us to educate members about how tools and services like theirs help enable world-class communications capabilities. These webinars are open to Page and Page Up members and their teams. If you have any questions or suggestions for future Page Patrons, please contact Kelly Greene.

WHEN March 23, 2021

TIME 12:00pm-1:00pm