Hot Topics | The Implications of Remote Work

As regions lift lockdowns and companies make plans to welcome employees back to workplaces, a significant portion of the workforce will continue working remotely on a permanent basis. What was at first a stopgap borne of necessity will soon evolve into a new phase of the work experience. This raises issues, like what impact a distributed workforce has on corporate culture, team management, productivity and collaboration; how to ensure data security; how to ensure equitable access to remote working resources like internet and office equipment; what happens to existing office space; how recruiting strategies might evolve without being as bound to a specific location; and the balancing of professional and personal obligations in a home workspace. In this call, we’ll unpack the implications of remote work as CCOs help navigate these issues. Page Hot Topics calls facilitate the sharing of perspectives and insights among Page and Page Up members. The calls are Chatham House rules to allow for candid discussion.

WHEN June 2, 2020

TIME 9:00pm-10:00pm