Building a CommTech Organization: Bringing Together the Tools, Teams and Strategy

Data and new technologies are arming communicators with new and powerful capabilities, from AI-driven analytics for understanding the business and its stakeholders to personalized campaigns that engage people as individuals, moving them from awareness to action to advocacy. CommTech success requires more than just the use of new tools. It involves new people, skills and ways of working, as much a shift in mindset as in capabilities. Our panel will explore the latest thinking on CommTech and how to prepare the profession to take advantage of the new opportunities it offers in this event presented by Page and CPRE. 

When you join us on Tuesday, June 15, at 12 p.m. ET, Neil Foote, president & CEO of Foote Communications will be your guide to CommTech alongside a panel of speakers featuring:

  • Chris Monteiro, head of Americas PR at Wise;
  • Jeff Cartwright, chief growth officer at Morning Consult;
  • Julie O’Neil, Ph.D., professor and associate dean of graduate studies and administration strategic communication at Texas Christian University’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

Your team members are welcome to join us for this event.

WHEN June 15, 2021

TIME 12:00pm-1:00pm