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Who We Are

The 270+ professionals in Page Up come from super global Fortune 500 companies, trophy-toting PR agencies, mind-bending academic institutions and impact-accelerating nonprofit organizations. And we want you. But, you know, only when you’re ready to step up.

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Value of membership


Page Up has more than 270 members, each of whom has an average of 15 years of industry experience. That's over 4,000 years of collective experience.

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Imagine surrounding yourself with more than 270 professionals who all want to pursue the best ideas and implement them in ways that change the world.

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When a bunch of folks with as much experience as we have, operating within multi-billion-dollar organizations spanning the globe, get together, you get some great examples of best practices.

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Page Up provides a welcoming context to have assumptions challenged and aspirations validated, and to provide an actionable platform for your ideas.

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We hold an annual conference that brings together our best thought leadership, renowned speakers and incredible networking with our peers.

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We get a tremendous level of support from the Page Up staff as well as from Page members, but when it comes down to it, Page Up is member-led.

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Membership Offerings

The first thing to say about what Page Up offers is that it starts with you, the member. Each and every one of us brings a unique perspective, industry experience, established and emerging skills and a desire to contribute. So, when you look at our programs, you will see that they are grounded in member participation, member expertise and member execution.

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How to become a member

To become a member of Page Up, you must be nominated by a Page member at your organization. Page members can nominate a Page Up member by completing the Nomination Form.

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Thought Leadership


Unlocking the Power of Thought Leadership: 3 Key Insights from the Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Impact Report

This year’s Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report focus is on how businesses can effectively communicate their value during uncertain times. The report is a collaborative effort to evaluate the impact of thought leadership on the purchasing behaviors of global B2B decision-makers and C-suite executives.


3 Steps to Improve Communication in a Rapidly-Diversifying America

Diversity is the future—and the present—of America. Multicultural Americans (i.e., Hispanic, Black, and Asian individuals) already make up 40% of the US population and they’re expected to represent the majority of the country by 2048.  One way to create connection with these diverse individuals is to make sure you’re using the correct racial and ethnic terminology in your communications. Getting this terminology right signals understanding and that you value the segment’s wishes. Getting it wrong, even if unintentional, can create psychological barriers that make future connections more difficult. 


Why Modern Communicators Should Lean into Data to Elevate Their Function in the C-suite

Today, business leaders are challenged to manage and meet greater—and sometimes conflicting—stakeholder demands. At the same time, digital adoption continues to accelerate across all employees within the workforce, with consumers and employees no longer getting their news from a single source and no longer trusting certain channels as much as they once did. Read this article from Page Up Innovation Award Winner Megan DiSciullo.


Four Key Considerations for CCOs to Begin the CommsTech Journey

CommsTech is ushering in a new era, and communication leaders are only now beginning to consider how best to leverage its value to precisely target, measure and shape behavior across a growing list of stakeholders. In fact, seventy percent of Chief Communicators Officers (CCOs) surveyed in Edelman’s Future of Corporate Communications report listed CommsTech as a top area of investment for the coming year.

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